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About Rebecca

If you choose to collaborate with me, I will support you to re-connect with your inner resources, so that you can choose external resources that help you to feel Healthy, Whole, Vital & Free & able to stay that way!
I want to invite you on a journey – a journey that starts with your desire to feel that Life can be Beautiful, that you can feel & be as fully Healthy as possible & able to make the kind of choices that you know – in your heart – will enable you to stay healthy, no matter what Life brings you.
I offer a safe, confidential space in which to explore & access whatever resources you may need to re-connect with the parts of you that nurture & sustain you in your Businesses/work, relationships or Life generally.

An integral part of our Journey to optimum Health is to know all the different parts of ourselves, to understand them, embrace them & to integrate them into ourselves. Becoming conscious of the values, beliefs & unresolved feelings that actually drive all our behavior is the first step. The second is to know that any of these parts of us that inhibit us, sabotage us, or prevent us from accessing whatever we need, can be changed. We do not have to accept Life as it currently is if it isn’t nurturing us, bringing us Joy & Happiness. Working with QTT (Quantum Thinking Transformations) enables us to do both these things gently & immediately.

I use it to help when: –
You feel stuck in any way
You feel any sense of internal conflict
You need support undergoing major changes or transitions
You are trying to understand & change addiction issues or destructive habits
You are recovering from trauma including grief & loss
You are trying to conquer fears and anxieties
You are struggling with confidence issues
You are wanting to instigate & sustain healthy eating habits, regular exercise and life-style changes
You want to make positive changes in any area of your Life
You want to feel better about yourself and those you love, so you can live your life as happily and healthily as possible.
What’s so different and refreshing about QTT is the results are immediate – you will not be the same at the end of a consultation with me as you were when you walked in!
I am also a fully trained, professional Homeopath and offer this comprehensive & effective system of medicine to help with physical. mental, emotional of spiritual health issues including support through any of the issues listed above.

Coaching is Agnostic – my role is to enable you to achieve whatever you want to achieve in the best way for you, it is not my role to advise you or influence you in any way. If you feel that what you need is professional advice then I also offer Mentoring.
I work one to one, in groups, both online & in person as well as running business Fulfillment Coaching courses for Holistic Practitioners and small businesses.
Please have a look at my website & book your free Clarity Call there if you would like to ask questions or get a feel for me & the way I work before booking anything.

  • Ireland
  • LCPH (London College of Homeopathy)
  • NLP,
  • QTT (Quantum Thinking Transformations)
Who I Help
  • Female Entrepeneurs
  • Menopausal Women,
  • Mothers