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About D. Danyelle

Affectionately known as Passuh Dany, I am a Black Christian+, LGBTQ-affirming, & sex positive faith leader, Spiritual Doula, a diviner (tarot), and conjurer [the PLUS+ in my Christian+ identity).

When I am not engaged in public speaking, writing, consulting, or pastoring my digital faith community, I work with people as a Spiritual Doula. If you are exploring, deconstructing, or reconstructing your beliefs, I would love to co-create with you an experience of God that sees the whole of you and loves that reflection fiercely. I am passionate about ethical, transformative work to help my clients get grounded in clarity and walking in their embodied power. I am a trauma-informed framework service provider.


I promise I’m not just being contrary, I call myself a Spiritual Doula with great intention and reverence. It is, to me, a better reflection of what I do as a partner in your journey as opposed to Spiritual Coaching. Both coaches and doulas:

- Provide resources, information, and accountability.
- Address personal circumstances and concerns of the client.
- Facilitate clarity about the client’s goals and wishes and make a plan to achieve them.

However, as a Spiritual Doula, my service practices and praxis includes:

You lead, I guide: As a spiritual doula, I nurture and support my clients throughout the labor of deconstruction, providing continuous support no matter what decisions they make or how they define their path.

You are the final decision maker: My role and agenda are tied solely to YOUR agenda. While a coach offers a structured program or course that they deem to be best, every plan we build is a collective action where you decide what’s the best fit.

Understanding the why: In addition to facilitating clarity on your goals, I also help you question the motivation behind them, distinguish fears from reality, and truth from myth.

I get in the mess with you: Our client-doula relationship will be one of the most intimate relationships you engage with personal development as the center. And for good reason! Unlike a business or career coach, I am not simply offering methodology and frameworks as a means to an end. I labor besides you in the darkest, hardest, and messiest seasons to bring forth beauty for ashes and create something sacred on the other side of healing.


D. Danyelle Thomas is a Black Faith & Spirituality writer, speaker, and digital faith leader. Founder of Unfit Christian, her work and words have been featured in Essence, the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture, Rewire.News, Splinter, & NBC News. She holds both a Master of Public Policy, B.A. African American Studies from Georgia State University. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter via @UnfitChristian

  • Maryland, United States
  • B.A., Africana Studies (Georgia State University)
  • M.P.P., Social Policy (Georgia State University)
Who I Help
  • Adults
  • Black / African American
  • Religious Trauma
  • Spiritualist