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About Chris

It's all about making it happen . . . although we might need to find out what the 'it' is first!

My coaching is driven by three principles: being committed to change; being a 'force for good'; and having some fun - light energy is fluid energy which will make sure we get there quicker!

Coaching with me will always be about moving forward, with your end goal in mind. It's all about change. It's about moving towards being the best you! After 25 years in business and consultancy, I became a coach to help others reach their greatest potential ... and I love it (LOVE IT!) when they do.

Areas where we can work together:

• Finding purpose
• Life-Work balance
• Mid-life crisis
• Motivation
• Personal growth
• Relationships (personal / work / teams)
• Exploring options
• Clarity
• Overcoming fear or anxiety
• Goal and target setting
• Accountability

​I am trained in transformational coaching through the Animas Center for Coaching.

Based in England, UK, I operate online with clients around the world.

  • United Kingdom
Who I Help
  • Entrepeneurs
  • Mid-life crisis
  • People feeling stuck
  • People wanting to find their purpose
  • 'There must be more to life'