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About Maggie

Howdy! I’m Maggie. I’m a coach, and I can work with you if you would like to:
• Clear the noise, understand what you want from life and how to get there
• Create a life that you enjoy and leaves you happy and energized
• Get yourself out of habits that don’t serve you, and into habits that do
• Feel grounded and strong, even when your life is changing a lot

Life and health coaching does not mean that I listen to your life story, nod, then send you a meal plan mostly comprised of veggies you hate and contact details for a kundalini yoga teacher. First of all, health can be physical, mental, social, vocational/financial, spiritual (as in: meaning and life purpose) and environmental. I also don’t prescribe, or use a cookie cutter method for my clients. Every client has a totally different coaching experience, because every client has a totally different life, wants, needs and strengths. You drive the sessions, I’m just here to guide you, ask annoying questions, connect the dots and at times suggest some solutions you haven’t thought about yet.

I specialize in working around career/life purpose, stress and life balance. I also have experience with issues people with ADHD and expats encounter as I am both. My coaching style is non-judgemental (been there), warm (I am your biggest supporter), realistic (I know most can’t hop over to the Himalayas for some ‘extra pure’ salt), practical (science nerd), authentic (my face doesn’t lie), and casual (swearing is fun).

You can contact me here or via my website. Welcome!

  • Florida, United States
  • Bachelor of Social Work
  • Nutrition Health and Wellness Coaching Certificate
Who I Help
  • Expats
  • People who are struggling to figure out their life purpose
  • People who feel overwhelmed
  • People who want more energy
  • People who want more fun in their life
  • People with ADHD
  • Professional nerds