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Allannah Jackson

Nutrition & Hormone Health Coach for Happier Periods & Optimised Fertility


About Allannah


I help women to connect with their menstrual cycles and use nutrition and lifestyle practices to rediscover their most nourished, thriving selves.

I specialise in supporting women...

✨ understand and accurately chart their ovulation cycles
✨ find a truly nourishing way of eating that supports hormonal balance, for life
✨ deal with PMS, painful and difficult periods
✨ re-balance irregular cycles and missing bleeds
✨ transition off hormonal birth control, or help manage its effects
✨ maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle
✨ optimise fertility and help with preparing for pregnancy
✨ navigate hormonal change, especially through peri/menopause

Clients come to me for help to find a deep understanding of the ebb and flow of their feminine phases, and real-world support to build hormonal balance with joyful nutrition and lifestyle practices.

I offer a free initial consultation to discuss your unique story and needs and to see if I could be the right practitioner to help you. Please visit my website to book your free slot.

I look forward to meeting you!


  • United Kingdom
  • Fertility Awareness Practitioner (FEMM)
  • Hormone Health Coach (IIN)
  • Metabolic Balance Practitioner
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach (IHS)
Who I Help
  • People with periods
  • Peri-menopausal & menopausal women
  • Teenage girls
  • Women
  • Women with difficult or missing menstrual cycles
  • Women with fertility issues
  • Women with hormonal imbalance
  • Women with PCOS