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About Jolene

Hello! My name is Juju (Jolene Wilhelm, Life Coach) and I am a recent graduate from the Life Coaching Certificate Program at Rhodes Wellness College located in Vancouver, British Columbia. I am committed to whole health and I am grateful to have the opportunity to share my knowledge, experience and hope with others through coaching. I have experience coaching those working on recovery, relationships and families, and developing professionally (supporting educators) and have helped my clients determine, plan for and reach their goals for a better future.

I am also an educator, currently working as an elementary resource teacher. In this role I have opportunity to coach administrators, educators, and tutors in goal setting, planning for success, and determining next steps. Teaching has provided me with opportunity to work with many diverse people in many diverse situations. I am a curious deep thinker and processor and I am a helper with a passion for working with my clients. I am dedicated to supporting, encouraging, and developing client goals and helping with wellness and whole health.

My view of coaching is one of whole health including spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical health as the areas where clients can move forward and achieve their goals. I am an active member in mental health, support, and recovery communities in my home city and in many different places in Canada.

Mental health and wellness are my primary focus and goal in all of my personal and professional endeavours and I strive to provide clients with skills and tools they need to reach their goals. I am non-judgmental, caring, and compassionate.

Please contact me to book a Curiosity call and free complementary session.

  • Canada