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Chloé Tahnée

Wellbeing and Integration Coach - I support translating mind-altering experiences into lasting transformation


About Chloé

I guide fellow consciousness explorers to come alive to who they are at their core and live their unique contribution to the world liberated from social conventions and external expectations. I coach in english and german.

In my work I use the ontological coaching model - an approach at the intersection of neuroscience and spirituality; as well as meditative guided visualizations. These modalities support me in holding space for you to unlock YOUR inherent tools and wisdom.

Integration Coaching is the conduit between realization and transformation

This form of personal life coaching supports you in fully harvesting the fruits from a transformational experience, to create lasting change in your life - deepening layer by layer into a more authentic self.

Such transformational experiences could include for example Vipassana Retreats, medicine journeys, other spiritual/shamanic work or even major infliction points in your life calling for a form of rebirth and change.

In my experience and according to leading mental health experts the gifts of these kinds of life-altering experiences can lead to sustained healing, clarity or fulfillment only when properly integrated into daily life.

Integrating a transformational experience means taking all the intangible pieces – the realizations, the emotions, dark or light, the sensations... yes, even the relentless pain – to form a new experience of being where all parts of you are welcome.

The integration period – that short time window after an insightful self-discovery, while our brains are still malleable thanks to neuroplasticity – is crucial to making sustainable changes to our lives. That's where our work together can begin.

Yes, there's always more to heal from or to learn, yet you are ready to start leading the life you desire, NOW.

Currently working with me is possible in a 1:1 setting, through video call, 2-4 times per month. Schedule a free discovery call to see if we're a fit to work together and what package suits your needs best.

  • Switzerland
  • Academy for Coaching Excellence (ICF accredited)
  • Bachelor of Arts Media Science & Gender Studies
  • Guided Imagery (Visualization Meditation)
Who I Help
  • Entrepreneurs
  • People between 20 and 45 years of age
  • Plant Medicine Journeyers
  • Spiritual Seekers