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About Nida

Nida is the creator of SELF – Dr K’s Med Spa‘s Anti-Aging Wellness Program. Nida believes that true anti-aging is from the “Inside Out,” and one must address our whole self while identifying the root causes of aging.

Nida takes a multifaceted and integrated approach to wellness by looking at all parts of the being: physical, mental and energetic. Bringing together the best practices from both Eastern and Western traditions, she is committed to providing each client with a unique, customized and transformative experience.

Nida uses her decade long experience as a strategic planning & quality improvement consultant in public health, knowledge of nutrition & lifestyle coaching, her masters education in health administration and innate energy attunement to help create a Road Map for your unique situation which determines how you can achieve your personal goals. She creates a supportive environment while exploring what truly works for you.

What Ages You?
Behaviors such as stress, poor eating habits , lack of movement, lack of clarity on ones path, poor sleeping habits, emotional eating, poor body image, low-self esteem, negative self talk, ineffective goal setting, inability to be ones authentic self or to manifest desires, unable to communicate with authenticity, lack of vision, purpose, spiritual well-being or feeling of fulfillment , cause inflammation and imbalance in the body, thereby accelerating aging.

  • Florida, United States
  • Certified Health Coach.
  • Masters in Health Administration
  • Six Sigma Green Belt Certified ( problem solving methodology)
Who I Help
  • Women who believe in transforming themselves from inside out.