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About Svetlana

I’m Svetlana Banks, I am a certificated life coach with over 100 hours of motivational speech experience and I want to share with you what I have learned.

My Coaching Programs are born out of my passion for uniqueness and beauty of each person. My goal is to help others achieve their full potential and create their desired future.

As I’ve been changing over the years and gaining more experience, I have learned about life, love, and many other things so important to me and that’s what I bring into my coaching.

I am happily married, have many wonderful friends, and traveled all over the world. And all this happened despite the fact that since childhood I have had an incurable disease, which, according to doctors, should have made it impossible for me to survive beyond the first few years.

I have worked with different audiences: students, teachers, women, parents of children with disabilities. I am absolutely convinced that words have tremendous power to change the life of both an individual person and the whole world.

One constant throughout my coaching has been my belief that our life reflects what we believe in, what we think of, what we choose every second, every minute in life. Coaching is a tool that helps you make necessary changes, find answers to exciting questions and get on the path of making your dreams come true. Coaching can help you build confidence, find authentic relationships, and take meaningful action, leading to more success and fulfillment in any area of your life.


Grand Canyon University, Life Coaching – Certificate

Moscow State University of Printing Arts, Publishing and Editing – Book specialist (Bachelor)

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Positive Psychology – Certificate

Author of the book “Descent into Heaven”

  • Texas, United States
  • Life Coach
  • Positive Psychology
Who I Help
  • Adults