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About Dr. John

Dr. John Daniel is an integrated/eclectic clinician who specializes in infidelity/affairs, marriage and family therapy, life coaching, couple relationship issues, intimate partner counseling, anger, stress, crisis, trauma and PTSD management. I help clients develop their coping skills, self-esteem, self-care & work-life balance in a safe confidential environment. Using diverse psychoeducational tools, assessments & scales, the fulcrum of my therapeutic philosophy is a holistic approach that encompasses life enrichment and transformation. My focus is the "WHOLE person" i.e. mind, body, soul, and spirit. Helping people is my PASSION!

I help married couples, intimate partners and families overcome relationship issues, marital distress & conflict. I also provide premarital, marital and family therapy for both nuclear and blended families. Couples are coached and equipped with effective parenting, life transition, communication and conflict resolution skills that assure positive outcomes.

For the spiritually minded, I also provide Christian Counseling, based on sound Biblical principles and rooted in caring and empathetic approaches, for those seeking a Christian perspective. Although I am Black, my clientelle is extremely diverse and I cater to ALL age groups, ethnicities, cultures and religious backgrounds without judgement or discrimation.

  • Florida, United States