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Donna Gonzalez

I am a Life and Relationship Coach. I work with people who are on the emotional roller coaster that relationship issues can create.


About Donna

If you or anyone you know is going through relationship struggles, challenges, or issues regardless of what type of relationship it is or if you are in a marriage and facing or on the verge of divorce this life coach is for you.

Donna is an exceptional Life and Relationship Coach. She chose to specialize in relationships due to her own divorce journey which, to make a long story short, consisted of two different marriages ending in divorce, going through her pregnancy and delivery alone, being a single parent who worked 3 jobs to stay afloat and feeling a loss of purpose when empty nest syndrome snuck up on her.

Donna guides her clients towards clarity through various exercises and discussions designed to uncover the root cause of the problem. Through her experience and many hours of self-development, she has created her signature programs, “Lighting the Pathway Thru Divorce” and “Renew, Revive or Release Your Relationship”. Between the signature programs specifically curated for each individual client along with her continued guidance, people discover and uncover their “shortcut”, their process of getting unstuck, maneuvering, and moving forward with a happier, healthier outlook and, most importantly, not allowing the darkness of relationship issues or divorce to overshadow and extinguish your inner light.

How to connect with Donna:
email: [email protected]
FB: Donna Dagnesi Gonzalez
IG: @ddagnesi
Landing Page:
Text: 850-499-4475

  • Florida, United States
  • Donna Gonzalez
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