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Lauren Kirk

On the wings of change, we find our truth. 🦋


About Lauren

Hello beautiful beings, I am a multidimensional starseed on a mission to assist humanity.

I am a certified Transformational Deep Coach with The Center For Transformational Coaching. Nothing gives me more joy than helping others shift timelines and embody the highest vibrational version of themselves.

So what exactly is Deep Coaching?
Transformational Deep Coaching is a type of spiritual life coaching that creates a healing space which facilitates shifts in being. It is a spiritual partnership where we will work together to help you transform into your truest self. The most divine version of you that is free from limiting belief structures.

In life coaching it is believed that everyone is whole and complete. That everyone has all the answers inside them. No one knows you better than you. As spiritual partners we will work together to explore those answers and practice embodiment in the now moment.

  • Florida, United States
  • Certified Transformational Deep Coach
Who I Help
  • Everyday people
  • Lightworkers
  • Starseeds