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About Theresa

For more than 10 years, Theresa has been mentoring and teaching women how to navigate life's challenges and transitions with more confidence and ease. She helps her clients silence their inner critic, let go of self-doubt, release limiting beliefs and master their mindset.

As an Empowerment & Life Design Coach and Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, one of her greatest gifts is helping her clients see themselves and their lives through a different lens, so they can create a clear vision of what's possible. Theresa teaches her clients how to re-connect with their inner wisdom so they make decisions that are authentically aligned with their goals.

Through simple and effective tools, she teaches her clients how to design an authentically aligned life, reclaim their inner power, and live with more balance and ease so that all their relationships flourish.



A 90-minute laser-focused, one-to-one coaching session that delves deep into one specific challenge, offering targeted solutions for that particular issue.

• Clear Knowing Intensive: At a crossroads or facing a difficult decision in your career or relationships? This intensive will help you gain crystal-clear insight so you can confidently choose the best option for you.

• Shift Your Beliefs Intensive: Trying to achieve a particular goal in your career, finances, business or personal life, but hitting roadblocks in manifesting what you desire? This intensive will help you identify and release subconscious beliefs and patterns that may be sabotaging you from realizing your goal.

• Time Mastery Intensive: Feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, and overcommitted trying to juggle the demands of family, career and life? This intesive will help you conquer your to-do list with ease, honor your boundaries, put time on the calendar for you and bring balance back into your life!

• Elevate You Intensive: Are you ready to embrace the next chapter of your life, but fear and self-doubt are holding you back? This intensive will help you re-align your self-concept to confidently see yourself succeeding in new roles such as navigating career changes, becoming an entrepreneur, moving into a leadership position, or becoming a published author.


Transformative coaching for women ready to unlock their personal power and navigate their life with authenticity and ease. Learn tools to help you live intentionally, integrate the law of attraction into daily life, master work-life balance, honor healthy boundaries, conquer overwhelm and design a life that resonates with your true self.

• 3-Month Program: Reclaim Your Personal Power: In just three powerful months, this program lays the foundation for profound change. You'll discover powerful tools and techniques, experience mindset shifts, and realign your priorities to set the stage for personal growth.

• 6-Month Program: Transform Your Life: Immerse yourself in a 6-month journey that goes beyond the surface. Experience profound growth, integration, and empowerment as you release deep-seated limiting beliefs, rewrite your story, and deeply integrate the techniques for a transformation that resonates with your authentic self.


Below is a glimpse of the powerful transformations and profound shifts experienced by Theresa's clients.

• Discovered and embraced their authentic selves, aligning life choices with their true essence.

• More clarity in career and life decisions, letting go of self-doubt and stepping confidently into their chosen paths.

• Learned to show up authentically in all their relationships, both personally and professionally.

• Found the courage to pursue their dreams and aspirations, becoming the best versions of themselves.

• Reclaimed their time and learned to prioritize self-care, nurturing their well-being and creating space for personal growth.

• Elevated their consciousness, becoming more aware of their thoughts, words, beliefs, and choices, leading to the creation of the lives they desired.


"Theresa led me through a powerful exercise in which I could see what was hidden beneath the surface. Once I had a better view of my situation, I was able to shift my perspective. That exercise helped me discover what I didn’t want and what I really want and what has stopped me from achieving some of my desires. As a result I signed up a new client!" ~ Jackie, Intuitive Life Coach, EFT Practitioner

"Before working with Theresa I didn’t feel safe to express my feelings or acknowledge my gifts. Theresa helped me to love and embrace my feelings, develop and trust my intuition, and reconnect with what brings me joy. My heart space is now open to empathy, intuition, compassion, love, and so much more, because of the safety I felt from Theresa during our sessions." ~ Cheritha, Women's Empowerment Coach

"The first time I met Theresa I resonated with her loving, warm energy and immediately decided she was a coach I must work with. She inspired/encouraged me to stand in my power by setting boundaries and communicating my needs. She helped me gain clarity on my business goals. She taught me the power of my words and how to alter them so I may change the way I feel and operate in this world. After every session I felt better, I felt empowered!" ~ Jess, Project Hasso

  • Texas, United States
  • Law of Attraction Life Coach
Who I Help
  • Empty Nesters
  • People Pleasers
  • Professional Women
  • Solopreneurs
  • Women
  • Women going through divorce
  • Women on journey of self-discovery
  • Working Moms