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About Ankit

I am a student of the wisdom traditions of India. The core of my work involves creating dialogic spaces where people can look within and experience the connection between their inner and outer lives.

Over the last five years, I have worked with hundreds of educators, young people, entrepreneurs and development professionals in group and personal spaces. Some of my dominant areas of enquiry are - Adult & Organisational Development, Process of Perception & Dialogue, Dharma & Decolonisation, and Human Development through the lens of complexity theory. Through my action research, I am developing the theory and practice of ‘Inner Work of Systems Change’.

My grounding in Yoga Sutras and Buddhist psychology comes from studying and practising for 20+ hours each week for four years in Krishnamacharya Tradition and Tibetan Buddhism.

  • India
  • Tibetan Buddhism
  • Yogic Psychology
Who I Help
  • Early Career Professionals
  • Life-Stage Transition
  • Mid Life Professionals
  • Young Parents