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Rebecca Leak

Helping women reclaim their identity in Christ amidst the broken pieces of life.


About Rebecca

Hi! My name is Rebecca, I spent the majority of my life feeling abandoned, rejected, and alone. From the outside, you would have no idea but inside I was rotting away. Though I had my faith and continued to grow in it I felt lost. I didn't understand unconditional love or what the gospel truly meant in our day-to-day lives. In 2021 I hit rock bottom and decided enough was enough and this couldn’t be how we were made to live. I got help and spent the next year of my life focusing on God and repairing my emotional and mental health. I was taught techniques to reconnect with and repair my heart, put boundaries in place, and dance in the freedom unconditional love provides. God then put it on my heart to seek out training to become a life coach to help others break free from the lies we tell ourselves every day. I tackled, and continue to tackle, things like emotional abandonment, self-hatred/shame, people-pleasing, and lack of identity.

Broken But Bound life coaching helps equip women who have struggled with emotional shame and feeling less than to break the cycle of perfectionism and people-pleasing by reconnecting them with their God-given identity. Knowing God holds the pieces of our lives; we are still bound in His loving arms even in our most broken moments.

  • Michigan, United States
Who I Help
  • Women