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About Luna

My path towards becoming a Practical Skills Life Coach took root during my over 25-year tenure as an Educator and Efficiencies Manager in the corporate sector. With a keen aptitude for problem-solving and a methodical approach, I realized that the same principles applied to navigating personal challenges.

Having spent years as a leader, mentor, and training expert in both established companies and start-ups, I've had the privilege of working closely with individuals as they strive to attain their goals as well as their aspirations. My familiarity with diverse education styles and progressive learning methods has equipped me with a versatile toolkit to tailor my coaching to each individual's distinct needs.

My coaching style stands apart in its blend of unrestrained yet compassionate honesty. When you choose me as your coach, you're selecting a partner who will stand by your side and be in YOUR corner, unwaveringly supportive, and yet unafraid to address the challenges hindering your growth. Your journey is a collaborative effort, and I'm committed to helping you navigate it with clarity and determination.

  • Florida, United States
Who I Help
  • People COMMITTED to their own growth
  • People READY to make lasting change