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About Tori

They call me your "inner muse manager"* - helping you quiet the inner critic and tune into your inner wisdom instead.

After my own winding path with trauma and through burnout, I found my calling: guiding others through the messy yet magical process of becoming our fullest selves.

With insight earned through overcoming my struggles, and a sense of humour that keeps things light, I create a space that's equal parts sacred and silly.

My blend of mindfulness, inner child work, and the occasional joke at just the right time helps you untangle trauma, shift unhelpful patterns, and step into your unique potential.

I specialise in integrating our shadow sides and disowned emotions - "all the sticky human stuff we try to ignore," as I call it.

Through self-inquiry, radical self-acceptance, and laughing at ourselves into waking up, together we'll uncover your deepest needs under the noise of life.

You'll emerge with more clarity, courage, and alignment with your truest self. And with a lot more belly laughs along the way!

*OK, no one has ever called me that, but it got your attention, right?

  • United Kingdom