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Arturo Ruiz

Helping men get fit and healthy so they can feel energized, confident, and grounded in their purpose, and to attract the love and life they deeply desire.


About Arturo

I am the youngest of four children, born in Panama and raised in Texas. I was always active and engaged in sports throughout school. In my early 20’s I became interested in and studied psychology and then later in any science or art of inner workings. This was most likely because, as the youngest of 4, my parents were running on empty when they got to raising me. I had to figure much of life out for myself. It wasn’t until my late 30s that I became interested in human health which was in part watching my vegetarian sister live an unconventional yet deliberate nutritional lifestyle.

My life had taken a few hard turns through my 20s and 30s but the hardest happened just before turning 40. The events of that time led me to transform my nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle but not because of a health-related problem. It was after losing a job and a sudden separation from my family when my wife and child moved out that I began to overhaul myself within and change my life. I began devouring books, blogs, and podcasts on fitness, health, nutrition, meditation, personal development, finance, passion, creativity, purpose, and more.

As an adolescent, I excelled at cross-country, soccer, and basketball, and in order to start to change at 40 years old, I began there to rekindle my passion and live into my purpose. That’s when I found the Primal Blueprint and turned to ancestral health to support my weight loss, fitness, mental clarity, and life direction.

After some time back with my family and after working full-time as a public school teacher for 3 years, I finally decided to use what I learned to help others recover their strength and well-being and to avoid making the kinds of life and relationship mistakes that I had made. I figured I could use my personal growth background, my college studies in psychology and an obsessive desire to unlock the health and physical performance concepts and resources that I knew were out there—answers to questions about health, wellness, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, nutrition and time-saving benefits of biohacking—to find the natural ways to achieve optimal health and well-being.

I transformed myself from a 220 lb sugar-burner to a 165 lb highly active and energetic fat-burning husband and father. I began formally coaching others in 2018 to achieve their health goals and shift their life in relationships.

Today, in my 50s, I still enjoy this active lifestyle, regularly playing volleyball with my youngest daughter as well as competitively, strength training with my wife, and hanging from or climbing trees from time to time.

  • Texas, United States
  • Primal Health Coach