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Vicky Tomko

Let me help you to create awareness and then motivate and push you to become the ideal version of yourself . You can do it. We can do it !


About Vicky

As a former golf professional I know one or two things about the body and the mind connection and how much effort it is to perform. It takes discipline, resilience, getting nach up after setbacks and a big chunk of accountability. Nowadays besides coaching golf still I work as a life coach to help clients becoming the version of themselves they desire. Or if they find themselves in a blurry headspace I help them declutter, feel lighter and motivate them to take action. Changes are tough and therefor having a coach to give support and accountability is often what clients. Not someone to do the work did them, but help finding the right direction and just being “there”. I recently moved from Sydney to beautiful small little Luxembourg so that’s where I m to be found for in person sessions. Otherwise online as we all have learned during Covid times :)

  • Luxembourg
  • BA Communication
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Certified Yoga Teacher
Who I Help
  • Expats
  • High Performing Individuals
  • Young Adults