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About Vanessa

You have two choices: Evolve or Repeat.

Hi beautiful soul! I'm Vanessa, allow me to be your guiding compass helping you to navigate you through the turbulent tides of transformation to set sail towards peace, purpose, alignment, success, and the embodiment of your highest self. It's time to let go of doubts, insecurities, and the burdens that have been holding you back!

Do you find yourself feeling adrift, lacking motivation, wrestling with unhealthy habits, struggling with self-esteem, anxiety, or depression? Are you in search of a deeper connection with the world, yearning to transform your mindset and embrace true happiness? Let's liberate you from the shackles that have kept you imprisoned within your own body and mind.

I'm here to help you gain greater self-awareness, conquer unproductive behaviours, reduce stress, deepen your spiritual connection, improve your relationships, find pain relief, and enhance your livelihood. Specialising in trauma release, spiritual alignment, and purpose-driven living, my approach integrates astrology, human design, and herbal medicine.

Through a holistic approach and inner work, I'll empower you with the tools and wisdom for self-healing. Together, we'll shatter limiting beliefs and societal constructs, enabling you to fully embody your authentic self. Intrigued and eager to learn more? I extend an invitation for a free 15-minute consultation call. Let's embark on this extraordinary journey of healing and growth together!

Some areas I can help you with:

· ​Anxiety, stress, depression

· Overcoming addictions

· Confidence & self esteem

· Self love & self worth

· Work-life balance

· Discovering life purpose

· Spiritual connection

· Strengthening intuition

· Connection to spirit guides

· Inner child healing & integration

· Trauma release

· Navigating life changes & challenges

· Grief & loss

· Financial worries & money mindset

· Self sabotage

· Personal growth & development

· Relationships

· Chronic illness & pain relief

· Health & wellbeing

  • United Kingdom
  • Certified Spiritual Life Coach
  • Diploma Counselling & Psychology
  • Reiki Healer
Who I Help
  • Everyone