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About Christy


Christy Nichols specializes in constructive and intuitive coaching sessions that activate mindful strategies and techniques to create more meaning and fulfillment in your life.

Her Life Purpose Coaching sessions are for those who are ready to realign with their personal core values, implement accountability, and begin making confident decisions that will bring authentic inner peace, true happiness, and purpose.

Through working with Christy, you will overcome personal challenges, gain clarity in your intentions and positively shift your mindset to experience deeper meaning and joy in your life.


Christy’s professional education expertise has afforded her the opportunity to work around the world. Since achieving a Masters Degree and Teaching Credentials in Sussex, England, she has created and developed two companies focused on Leadership Development Programs through education and conservation projects overseas.

She has delivered leadership initiatives internationally to individuals, universities, small companies, and non-profits in the UK, Europe, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, South Africa, Canada, the USA, and Australia.

Through her company, Venture Within, she creates transformational experiences for personal and professional growth. She lives a full and meaningful life while inspiring and enabling others to do the same.

~ Expert in leadership development among professionals
~ 20 years an Educator, CEO of Venture Within, and formerly Co-Founder of EDventure International
~ Author & Speaker
~ 19 Years Tarot Card Reader & Reiki Master
~ Travel with a Purpose Retreat Consultant & Curation
~ ICF Trained & Credentialed Professional Coach
~ Curated strategic leadership workshops catered for traveling professionals, with a focus on personal development and growth.
~ Utilizes cultural immersive experiences as transformative opportunities to change your life

  • California, United States
  • Certified Reiki Master
  • Credentialed Life Purpose Coach
  • Masters Degree in English
Who I Help
  • Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Men seeking direction and clarity
  • Soon to be "empty nesters"
  • Those seeking greater purpose
  • Those "Stuck in a rut"
  • Women seeking clarity and empowerment