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Linda Roos

Intimacy sessions (into-mee-see)


About Linda

There is an attraction, something that wants to be seen. There is something that wants to be met, through me by yourself. I’ll meet you where you are and take you where you haven’t been yet. A little deeper into yourself. We stop time for a moment. I invite you to let me take you into this safe space. We have important puzzle pieces to exchange. Everything is welcome here. I want to invite you to share your inner world. I invite you to let yourself be touched. I want to invite you to have no purpose. Just to be present in every vibrant cell of your body. If we can take off our performance jackets and rest in awareness, we create a space where things can arise that we could not have imagined ourselves. Please note that the work we do can be life changing.

"Linda everytime after a session my energy feels renewed. I feel peaceful when i come home."

Authentic relating.
Meeting and expressing yourself deeply.
Creating and attracting deeper connections in your life.
Practising the art and skill of freedom in a relationship.
Experience love as a conscious process and beautiful mirror.
Responsibility versus blaming.
The intimacy of speeking your truth to people you are relating with.
Connections as opportunity for grow and healing.
Reframing and rewiring pain.
You can discover and live your passions and purpose, while commited to your own wholeness and still deeply love someone else.
Letting love in.

Individual or partner sessions are online 50 euro.
It is also possible to recieve a 3hr live professional intimacy/cuddle session on location in Portugal.

During the meeting, the clothes remain on and no sexual acts are performed!

If you want to schedule a session make sure you send me your phonenumber and emailadress, and let me know when i can contact you.

  • Portugal
  • Intimacy coach
  • Life coach
  • Non-dualism Therapist
  • Tantric facilitator
Who I Help
  • Desire for freedom
  • Intimacy issues
  • Life event challenges
  • Polyamory challenges