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About Kara

Is every task on your to-do list is priority number one? Does the idea of a day without something in your schedule make you feel a little nauseous? If you’re like the folks I work with, you’d rather cut off your pinky finger than take a break. Unless someone criticized you for that…then you’d have to find the perfect method for optimizing rest over the shortest time possible!

When you’re a person who has the tendency to want (need!) things to be always perfect and under control, it’s easy to get lost in the details. Maybe you wake up several times in the night to add a reminder to your to-do list. Or to worry about what your kid’s teacher thinks about the lunch you packed her yesterday. It’s hard to prioritize all the details of life when everything needs to be perfect.

I will work with you to rewire the mental habits that are keeping you stuck in a loop of stress and worry. We look at everything: what are you thinking about yourself as a partner? As a professional? As a parent? What are you believing about what is and isn’t possible for you? What’s it like for you to set and maintain boundaries? How do you teach people to treat you?

With new thought patterns, your behavior toward yourself and others shifts. When your boss requests you write a report on Friday for Monday morning, you confidently explain that you do not work on the weekend. Your kids only require one or two reminders to put on their shoes instead of the usual 15. When you look at your to-do list, you choose one thing, work on just that, and complete it without drama.

Over a period of four years, I worked with my own coach and rewired my thoughts to let go of perfectionism, people-pleasing, and flimsy boundaries. With a certificate in coaching and a degree in psychology, I’m here to help fellow working professionals release the thoughts and feelings keeping them frazzled and live in peace and self-respect.

  • Czechia
  • Certified Coach
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