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About Melissa


You wouldn’t embark on a long hike without proper planning and a map, would you?

Beginning a project - like starting a business, changing careers, or a big personal goal - is the same. We want our work to make an impact, create a change, and leave things (and ourselves) better than we found them.

Like hiking the Appalachian Trail, you’ve never done this before. Sure, you’re fit and enjoy day-hikes… but months straight of climbing mountains? Starting or pivoting a business? Navigating entrepreneurship x parenthood? That’s uncharted territory.

Clients I work with are mission-driven, creative, ambitious, and smart. Often they’re multi-passionate. They know you don’t change the world on a whim, or alone. They know it’s crucial to approach big goals with even bigger support. Burnout and boundary breakdowns are real, but you can head them off with the right guidance and strategies.


In 2014 I started a flower farm & floral design studio pillared by sustainability. Only a handful of flower farms existed in Vermont at the time, mostly growing standard varieties and utilizing traditional (read: unsustainable) floristry techniques.

I was on a mission to cut consumption of imported blooms, while offering a sustainable alternative to toxic foam-reliant wedding flowers. I started the first community supported agriculture (CSA) floral program in the state, designed dozens of weddings, plus created thousands of bouquets for shops, restaurants, and community organizations.

After rounding out nearly a decade improving the sustainability of the floral industry, I now offer specialized guidance through transformative coaching to others who are ready to make their own difference in the world.


You’re on a mission, and I’m here to help. Reach out today and let's Map Your Mission!

  • Vermont, United States
  • Certified Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner
  • Certified Hypnosis Practitioner
  • Certified Life and Success Coach
  • Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner
  • Certified TIME Techniques Practitioner
Who I Help
  • Melissa Hessney Masters