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Alison Speerbrecker

life coach for women who are ready to stop thinking cruddy thoughts about themselves


About Alison

Hi! I'm Alison + I help women work through the mental drama that holds them back from pursuing the life they want + making the changes they need. When you are comparing yourself to everyone else + believing that you are the worst, giving yourself the most negative pep talks ever ("of course you can't do it--you screw everything up!"), feeling like trying something new makes you too anxious to begin, making decisions to please others instead of yourself, waffling on parenting choices, feeling like you are running yourself ragged just to keep up in life--> those are signs that something needs to change + I'm here to help you through it.

I've been there/done that + made it to the other side (well, I can't say that negative thoughts don't EVER show up. I'm human, after all. But I've learned how to deal + you can too.).

I'm a Certified Life Coach, Enneagram Coach + have a Masters Degree in Social work. My 5 kids also keep me pretty busy!! I love crafty stuff, plants, am an avid book reader (especially YA) and Type 4 on the Enneagram. I'm from Minnesota, but I prefer living here in Chesapeake, Virginia, where its warm and beachy.

On Instagram, I'm @alison.lifecoach , come + find me!

  • Virginia, United States
  • Certified Coach
  • Certified Enneagram Coach
  • MSW
Who I Help
  • moms
  • people who struggle with self confidence, people pleasing, negative thoughts etc
  • women