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Julie Stabiner

Helping women to envision the life that they truly desire and supporting them to create enduring transformation by reclaiming their aliveness and pleasure.


About Julie

I am a VITA™ Certified Sex, Love and Relationship coach with a strong interest in assisting women to reach their full potential by inviting joy, pleasure, gratitude and fulfillment into their lives. I use practices of embodiment, visualization, breath work, meditation, sounding, movement and pleasure practices to help women to feel at home in their bodies and create real change and transformation. I am trauma- informed. I have over 30 years experience as a Physical Therapist with specialized training and certification in Women's Pelvic Floor Therapy.

I am pleasure and sex positive in my practice and strongly believe that when we tap into our sexual aliveness we open the door to our true selves. I will help you to overcome what stands in your way for creating the connected pleasure that you desire.

Together we will explore your desires and the stories that you tell yourself that hold you back from living in your full potential. We will explore where you hold old emotions and trauma and use the above practices to help you release this and feel more empowered and emotionally regulated.

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  • New York, United States
  • Liscenced Physical therapist, Pelvic Floor certified
  • VITA Certified