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About Alaya

Hi. I’m Alaya Morning, a nervous-system-informed life coach helping folks like you untangle from old patterns of stress, anxiety, and self-defeat and reconnect to a deeper well of resource.

There is no doubt that what life is serving up these days is A LOT. What do we do when it appears that the world is unraveling? How do we approach our futures when uncertainty, tension, and apocalyptic fear are our “new normal?”

This time is calling for humans who know how to stand firmly in their sense of self, present to the world in all of its messy intricacies. We need folks who can show up with strength, capacity, and voice. But how do you “build capacity” when you are overwhelmed, burnt out, and completely uncertain about where to enter the conversation?

Through the work of returning to your own body (through the wisdom of your nervous system) you can finally settle into the sense of peace and belonging that you've been chasing all along.

As my clients come home to themselves, they've found the capacity to make real and lasting change, both in their own lives and in the ways they engage with family, community, and the world.

  • Vermont, United States
  • Enwaken Coaching Program
  • Mediation & Applied Conflict Studies
  • Modern Yoga Teacher
Who I Help
  • deep feelers
  • meaning makers
  • rebel hearts
  • self-proclaimed "nerds"
  • visionaries