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About Pam

Do I fit into your plan?

The field of coaching is varied and my strengths in creativity, being down-to-earth, open communication, with a bit of humor, are just maybe what position me to be your coach.

My resume.
Graduate of Accomplishment Coaching (ICF Accredited)— Ontological Coaching Program
Life and Solopreneur Coach: I Love Coaching Co.
Infinite Possibilities Trainer: The Art of Living Your Dreams

The path to creating the life we want is not always obvious or easy.
One step at a time, and you have a path.

So let me ask you,
What’s your commitment in life?
What’s the next action you will take in order to fulfill your commitment?
When do you want to get started?

I have an idea. Let’s have a good ole fashion phone call.
Connect with me and I will share my calendar link.

  • Virginia, United States
  • Certified Professional Coach
  • Infinite Possibilities Trainer