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Jessica Guerrero

Hi. I’m Jessica, and I help the helpers authentically help themselves to become passionate participants in their lives, rather than burned-out bystanders.


About Jessica

I’m a nurse-turned-health coach, and I’m all about supporting burned-out, disconnected people in helping and serving professions to reconnect to their values, strengths, and life vision.

Through intentional connection to tools, support, accountability, and a lot of radical self-compassion, we work together to make meaningful and (importantly!) sustainable changes so you can actively participate in your life with more connection, intention, and joy.

I know that you have an incredible amount of motivation, talent, and passion within you, but it can be hard to feel when you’re overwhelmed and exhausted. But I also know you have buried treasure within you, and you CAN live your best and most authentic life passionately with intention and purpose.

When was the last time you felt connected to your truest, most beautiful self, dear one?

If it’s been a while, let’s chat! Book a free discovery call where we’ll explore how working together could help you and get you one step closer to living the life of your dreams!

  • Minnesota, United States
  • Certified Functional Nutrition Informed Professional
  • National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC)
  • Registered Nurse
Who I Help
  • Healthcare Workers
  • Non-Binary
  • Teachers
  • Women