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Todd Langley

I help Divorced MEN cut the fat, build muscle, and boost confidence without diets, fads, or gimmicks.


About Todd

My name is Todd Langley, and I am a divorced father, business leader, certified health and wellness coach, and a life coach.

With my "Transformation Breakthrough" personalized coaching program we focus on three key areas for continued success; Body, Mind, and Soul to create massive results quickly!

1. A divorced dad who made every mistake you can imagine and went through addictions, depression, and therapy only to go from completely hopeless (yes, suicidal) to transformed into a confident and influential leader and positive role model for my family and friends.

2. I learned to love myself again, and in turn truly love others. I became a certified coach so I could help other men & divorced dads see that they are not alone and that there is a better way to live life.

3. I developed a coaching-based business where I provide coaching services only to divorced men and divorced dads. These services are designed around the improvement of mind, body, and soul, and I am proud of the work I do.

WHY are you are going to love this? Because I am straight to the point (NO BS!) and I am obsessed with my client’s results. You will get very clear on the problems that have held you back when it comes to getting healthy in every area of your life.

Having personally spent numerous hours dealing with and listening to the same problems over and over again from MEN just like you and me, there is a constant pattern as to why you are lacking in your life right now.

In a world full of people promising you everything and underdelivering, my aim in this personalized transformation program is to help you make a radical shift in your current situation and get crystal clear on your next steps.

I am the creator of my own personal methodology to getting fit, healthy, and improving your life, which is called “DMO - Transformation Breakthrough” and it enables you to cut the fat, build muscle, and boost confidence in every area of your life without fads, diets, or gimmicks. We have all been deceived far too long, and I’m here to help clarify and cut through this nonsense.

  • Florida, United States
  • Integrative Nutrition Coach
  • Life Coach