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Marianne Dsa

I help you understand your thoughts, feelings and behaviours so you can increase your self-worth and live a life of more meaning and fulfillment


About Marianne

Do you ever find yourself thinking:
I feel like my life has no direction.
I’ve tried so many different things and nothing makes me feel fulfilled.
I do my best to make everyone happy, but I end up feeling miserable instead.
I feel like I’ve wasted years of my life being indecisive.
I thought buying things would make me happier but I feel even more empty.
Talking to certain people emotionally drains me.
I never feel seen or validated.
I'm tired of having the same fight over and over again.
I make good money but feel like something is still missing.
I'm constantly stressed and burnt out just waiting for the weekend.

If one or all of the above are what you’re feeling right now, then I am here to help.

Hi, my name is Marianne D’sa, and I am a Self-Discovery & Wellbeing Coach. I help you understand your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours so you can increase your self-worth, have more intimacy and develop a healthy honest relationship with yourself and others.

In the last few years, I went through my own transformation when my long-term relationship of ten years ended, and I left my stable corporate job to find more meaning and fulfillment.

It wasn’t easy and there were many ups and downs. However, I began to work on myself, asked myself the tough questions, learnt to confront my own fears and welcome my truth (especially when it was hard).

I attended personal growth events and workshops worldwide where I learnt from some of the more incredible minds in personal growth. I discovered more about myself, strengthened my support system, and when I least expected it I met the man I would one day marry in our living room in the middle of a global pandemic just eight months from the day we met.

In two short years, I've relocated my life from Dubai to Canada twice, got married, bought our first home, learnt to love and accept my ADHD brain and now run a business that brings so much joy and fulfilment into my life.

Following my heart and intuition, daring to question society’s norms, and re-building trust in myself, are just a few of the things that have allowed me to lean into a life I’m truly proud of.

My hope for our sessions together is to create a safe and non-judgmental space that allows you to feel held and supported, as you choose to step outside your comfort zone and turn the page of a new chapter in your life. Everyone, including you, deserves new beginnings and the chance to live life to the fullest.

After our coaching sessions, my clients have said that they feel a heightened sense of self-awareness, grounding, and elevated confidence. With me, you will learn to understand and express your deepest thoughts and feelings authentically and without apology while learning to see and accept yourself as the complete and whole human you are.

I look forward to walking with you on this journey if you’ll do me the honour of choosing me as your coach.

  • Canada
  • Jay Shetty Certified Life & Success Coach 2020
Who I Help
  • Burnt out employees
  • Divorcees
  • entrepreneurs
  • Failing relationship
  • high level executives
  • Managers
  • People pleasers
  • People with ADHD
  • People with low self confidence
  • Unhappy Couples