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Trauma - Informed Life Coach for Fellow ADHDers



I can't wait to help you radically reduce OVERWHELM and help you feel at peace in any given moment, even with whatever your neurodivergent brain is throwing at you today!
I tend to help multi-passionate entrepreneurs, people who are stuck in perfection or procrastination loops, and those who are inhibited by rejection sensitivity.

About me:
*Nomadic RV life: this summer we're in Alaska!
* Boy mama: currently 5 and 8 year olds.
* Labradoodle named Donut
* My kids are finally old enough to play soccer with me (I better start getting back in shape...)
* Most recently binged the show Lucifer

Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria used to be in the Driver's Seat. My dream job in my early 20's was turned into a nightmare because every communication from my boss was a confirmation of my failure and lack of belonging (how did I compltely miss the smiley face at the end of the email, or the properly sandwiched positives on either side of a correction?).

Overwhelm became a constant companion when I was first in the throes of combining parenting and entrepreneurship and foster parenting and saying yes to everything else that came along....

Now I find myself powerfully in control of my own experiences, able to choose my response to the world around me, and in love with my own being in the world.

And the best part? Even when I find myself spiraling, or overwhelmed again, or doubting myself, I know how to gently bring myself back. How to allow those feelings without losing myself to them. And I'm learning to live in abundance more every day. Come join me!

  • Washington, United States