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About Sarah

Bankrupt to multimillionaire
3 kids
Married 31 years
Living with mental illness
I HAVE BEEN THERE, my loves!
I will help you figure out the puzzle pieces to financial independence ALONGSIDE your marriage, kids, job, and treating yourself like the absolute gift to the world that you are.
Let's do it ALL, with balance and grace.

I specialize in: helping women achieve their financial and business goals from making millions to starting and scaling companies to fine-tuning everything in between, without sacrificing everything else in your world to do it.

"Balance" - let's figure that one out for you.

"Meant for more"? Let's get ridiculously clear on what that is for you.

I'd love to chat to see if I am your person. No charge, no pressure. If I'm not a good fit, I bet I can steer you toward some next steps for YOU and your mission.

  • Nevada, United States
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Positive Intelligence Coach
Who I Help
  • Women Entrepreneurs