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About Pamela

My name is Pamela MaGee and as a medical professional myself and also a health coach, I learned the hard way about not having boundaries in place at work and it led to me having severe burnout because I chose to always say yes instead of sometimes giving another coworker the opportunity and chance to step up when it came to volunteering for extra shifts and also filling in when a coworker called out. I have since learned how to implement boundaries in my own life and I’m no longer burned out at work because I decided to put myself first by creating a personal self care routine which has allowed me to show up at work with more energy to perform a better job!

If you are a medical professional and are having trouble creating boundaries at work and on a personal level and want to know what it would like for you to implement boundaries in your life, I can help you!

If this sounds like you and you are interested in learning more, it all starts with a call!

  • North Carolina, United States
Who I Help
  • Medical Professionals
  • Women
  • Women of Color