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Susan Levy

Unstucking One Choice at a Time


About Susan

Hi! I'm Susan your Unstucking Health and wellness Coach

I know how it feels when you are stuck and not sure how to get yourself unstuck. When you feel like your own health and wellness comes after everyone else has been taken care of. It sucks and I totally get it.

Lucky for you, my superpower is helping people get Unstuck. I will coach you in finding balance in how you nourish yourself both on and off your plate. You will learn ways to help yourself get unstuck so then the next time you find yourself feeling unmotivated, blah, squishy, unhealthy or unbalanced you will know what to do to move yourself from where you are stuck to where you want to be.

  • Colorado, United States
  • Integrative Nutrition Coach
Who I Help
  • moms of teenagers and older
  • women