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About Emilah

Often called a midwife to the soul, Emilah coaches, teaches and empowers people to engage their intuition, put themselves at the center of their lives, and trust themselves and the guidance they receive.

A 2004 rollover car accident cracked open intuitive, psychic, and energy healing capacities. In 2010 she integrated this work with coaching creating Intuitive Life Coaching - a blend of coaching, intuitive development, and energy healing. She has been an International Coach Federation Professional Certified Coach (PCC) since 2013.

She especially enjoys helping millennials and mid-life highly sensitive people (HSPs), empaths, seekers, and introverts navigate career, relationship and health transitions. She also serves as a coach and mentor to those curious and ready to engage their own intuitive capacities and spiritual gifts.

Inspired by the dragonfly, she walks - and coaches - the twin paths of personal development and spiritual growth , seeing them as two wings of a dragonfly - essential to taking flight.

  • Arizona, United States
  • Certified Sparketype Advisor
  • International Coach Federation Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
Who I Help
  • Empaths
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Highly Sensitive People (HSPs)
  • Introverts
  • Intuitives
  • People Pleasers
  • Recovering Academics
  • Recovering Codependents
  • Spiritual Seekers
  • Women in Transition