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Stefanie Gerke

I help people pleasers learn to say no without feeling guilty, to live their life with more ease!


About Stefanie

Hi and welcome!

Are you exhausted because there are so many demands and expectations coming your way and you feel compelled to handle them all with utmost perfection to make everybody around you happy? Are you tired from all the people pleasing and kind of on the edge?

Hey, I know it’s super stressful to feel the way you’re feeling right now, but you’re in the right place and we’ll take care of that, together.

My name is Stefanie and I help sensitive people pleasers do less of what they don’t need to do, for a life of more calm and ease.

I work online with clients from all around the world.
To learn more about the way I work, check out my website and feel free to hop on a free and non-committal 60 min discovery call with me!

  • Germany
Who I Help
  • highly sensitive people
  • people pleasers