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About Jonathan

When we LIVE, CONNECT & COMMUNICATE authentically
we send out ripples….
which send out ripples…
which makes the world a more caring and connected place,
one ripple at a time.


Hi, I'm Jonathan.

I am a Transformational Life Coach, Consultant, and Educator, dedicated to helping people live, communicate, and connect authentically in order to enjoy deeply fulfilling lives without regrets.

Having spent 20+ years successfully working towards advanced degrees, publications, and professional leadership roles, I realized that most personal and professional problems are based on going through the motions of how or what we think is expected rather than based on their deepest meanings, thereby missing out on the power and joy of truly living.

Drawing on decades of experience in cultural anthropology, partner-dancing, and coaching, I provide a culturally sensitive space for you to explore and develop a deeply meaningful life full of comfortable confidence.

  • Arkansas, United States