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About Christine

I wish I had one defining moment to share with you. Instead, I what I share will be about how my journey has unfolded over this lifetime, and I’m sure, over many other lifetimes as well.

Growing up my grandmother would host psychic readings in her home where a mystic would meet with each one of us, reading the tarot cards, giving us insight and predictions about our future. I was amazed by the information and wished I could do what she did. I thought that she had the keys to everything I needed to know. In high school I bought myself a deck of Tarot cards and learned how to read them, but I thought that I couldn’t even come close to the information the mystic brought to us on those psychic nights. I didn’t think that I had the answers.

Fast forward a few decades later and my life was similar to most women I knew, I was a homeowner, working a corporate job, married, and unhappy.

I was on the search for something but wasn’t sure what.

Again, I thought that others had the answers I was looking for. I spent thousands of dollars on programs, books, readings and coaching to find “the thing” I needed to be happy. I thought that someone else would be able to give me the keys to the one “thing” I needed.

I bought another deck of tarot cards and started reading them again, but didn’t think that I could find the answers alone.

It wasn’t until I discovered Wild Soul Movement in 2013 that I really discovered what I was looking for. What I felt was relief, acceptance and love from a teacher, and at the same time I was able to feel those things within myself. Gradually I learned that everything I was looking for was inside of me, in my soul, in my body, and from lifetimes of experience. The most important thing that I learned was to listen to myself and find the answers within.

My greatest wish is that you can discover what it is you’re searching for, and most in need of, inside of yourself.

One of my biggest discoveries was that I am a SPACEHOLDER. By being with someone, I can create the room that they need to go deep within, the confidence they need to calm themselves, and the ability to hold them with love and respect always.

I help people who feel lost, ungrounded, unsure of their next steps find their way and their INNER WISDOM.

  • New Jersey, United States
  • Advanced Energy Healer
  • Angel Intuitive
  • Certified Coach
  • Oracle Card Reader
  • Reiki Master Teacher, Usui System
  • Tarot Card Reader
  • Wild Soul Movement Teacher
Who I Help
  • People age 30+