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Crystal Puryear

Empowering teachers to not just survive the stress of the classroom but THRIVE through Trauma Informed Coaching


About Crystal

I am a former educator who suffered for years from secondary traumatic stress and no amount of "self care" was enough to help me survive the collective trauma of returning to school after the pandemic. I believe that teachers need REAL resources to manage and handle stress while in the PRESENT moments in the classroom. Empowering educators with these supports can help them thrive and inspire change within school's cultures
Over 15 years in high needs schools dealing with students of trauma, I experienced several periods of burnout and depression related to secondary traumatic stress. I used the combination of medication, therapy, meditation, and self care to cope. I always believed that there should stronger systematic structures in place for educators in the school to improve their mental health but still to this day very few exist. This is my calling.
I have training in a variety of modalities to provide resources to support educators who are experiencing trauma through consultation and coaching. Mindfulness Essentials & Mindful Educator Essentials -Mindful Schools,Educator Self-Care to Prevent Secondary Trauma, National Education Association Secondary Trauma, Creating Safer Space: Trauma Informed Care

  • Kentucky, United States
  • Mindfulness
Who I Help
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