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About Nickia

Hi! My name is Nickia and I help busy working moms shed weight by learning healthy new habits, so they can reclaim their energy and mental clarity to be healthy role models for their families.

As a working wife and mother of two, I understand the difficulties of juggling it all. I often felt obligated to be the anchor for everyone else, but I didn't realize that I was the one drowning. I did not even notice that I was neglecting the most important aspect of myself by trying to be there for everyone else.

During the pandemic, we all faced numerous challenges. The struggles were palpable for me as well. Working in the healthcare system, I witnessed the effects of the pandemic firsthand. One of my most extensive challenges came when I returned to bedside care more than a decade after being away from it. This experience, which I thought would be the worst of my life, turned out to be one of the most transformative. It compelled me to take a step back and prioritize my mental, physical, and spiritual health. The significant improvement in my well-being that I've noticed proves that what I'm doing is effective. By making substantial changes to my mindset, nutrition, and lifestyle, I could establish stress-reduction skills, lose weight, and regain self-confidence.

I am deeply committed to assisting working mothers in achieving their wellness goals. We all have a spark of light within us. We need someone to show us the way through the darkness. I combined my 25 years of nursing experience with a holistic approach to health and wellness that is lacking in our current healthcare system. I believe you are a whole person, not just the symptoms you are experiencing. I understand how difficult it can be to prioritize yourself without feeling guilty.

I'm thrilled to share my passion and practical approach to wellness with other busy working mothers, all while having fun and enjoying the journey along the way.

  • Connecticut, United States
  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • Registered Nurse
Who I Help
  • Professional moms
  • Professional women
  • Working moms
  • Working women