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About Tawny

I'm a certified Master Health Coach, adventure & mindset coach and work with people who want to prepare physically and mentally for an adventurous life! Have you put your career and others ahead of your own health and wellness? Have you prioritized work to provide for your family, or prioritized your family while ignoring your own health? Are you stuck in a rut and tired of going around the same mountain?

Working with me means you are ready to commit to YOU! You are ready to face the challenge of getting healthy, learn what it means to push through it, get comfortable with being uncomfortable, and start making the unfamiliar, familiar! You're ready for things to change for good.

As an adventure & mindset coach, I'll help you translate the lessons of outdoor adventures and wilderness survival, into practical skills you can use in other areas of life, most specifically, your health. I'll help you map out your healthy lifestyle journey, navigate waypoints, and always come back to True North.

  • Maine, United States
  • ACE-Behavior Change Specialist
  • CCI-Certified Cardiac Tech
  • Degree, Exercise Physiology
  • ISSA, Sports Nutrition Specialist
  • PN2 Certified Master Health Coach
  • Wildmed-Wilderness First Responder
Who I Help
  • Those looking to improve health, fitness, mindset and adventure!