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About Raquelle

I am passionate about helping women achieve the transformation and become more abundant by grounding within. In a safe nurturing environment.

My Vision:
To Help Others Find Their Inner diamond and Be Okay to Radiate That Light to The World Without Any Fear!

I apply the holistic levels that cover Emotional, Mental, Behavioral, and Spiritual to ensure my clients create their amazing transformations!

The primary areas are:

Emotional: Discovering how to look at ourselves at a deeper level. There are situations that one has to heal from the past to open the door for transformation.

Mental: I help my clients understand that less than 5% of our actions are “conscious level,” and the other 95% are “unconscious.” The goal is to have my clients learn to unravel unconscious belief systems and understand how to shift the patterns to make the right choices.

Behavioral: Understanding old belief systems based on fear. We commonly respond to certain things based on old wounds that never properly healed. I give my clients tools to learn how to react differently than they used to in the past.

Spiritual: Not from a religious point of view; it means having more clarity on your personal life purpose.

  • Washington, United States
  • CBT Life Coach
  • Professional Life Coach
  • Relationship Coach
  • Spiritual Coach