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Yulia Vodopyanova

Life Coach with 10+ years of top-management consulting experience


About Yulia

Key facts about my credibility and experience:

-10+ years of successful corporate career in top-management consulting.
-Diverse managerial experience, leading multi-million dollar projects and receiving feedback from teams on fostering balance and harmony even in demanding situations.
-Entrepreneurial experience as a startup owner in the entertainment industry.
-Family life as in the little girl’s dreams (though I prefer to keep it private)
-Open mindset and diverse background
---Got University degrees from 3 Universities in 2 countries
---Visited 85+ countries and counting
---Worked in 15 countries on 3 continents; lived for more than a year in 4 countries (currently based in NYC)
---Engaged in therapy for 3+ years (and proud that this experience taught me not to run away from myself); in personal coaching for 5+ years
---Got certified in Coaching
---Pursued multiple hobbies (Certified Sailor; Kilimanjaro Climber; Half-Marathon Runner, etc.)
And luckily transitioned from a life of constant hustle to appreciating the little things that bring me happiness.

My DMs are always open, so feel free to reach out and say hello! Let's embark on your journey to a balanced life together!

  • New York, United States