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Rebecca Visser

Holistic coach • Partnering with individuals & entrepreneurs to overcome challenges, find balance, & thrive personally & professionally 🌔🌱✨


About Rebecca

Rediscovering balance and your true self can feel overwhelming when you're disconnected from your purpose, needs, and desires. It becomes even harder when you're constantly prioritizing others and believe that asking for help is unnecessary for yourself.

I've grappled with this struggle personally. After ten years of climbing the corporate ladder and hustling as a freelancer, I hit a point where I felt completely burnt out and lost touch with who I was. I knew something needed to shift, or else I would lose myself completely.

It took a lot of effort to move from coping to healing. By engaging in deep introspection, breaking things into small steps, and getting professional support from a diverse range of modalities, including counselling, massage, acupuncture, naturopathy, energy work, yoga, and meditation, I made it through to the other side. Today, I've found peace, love, and fulfillment by embracing my imperfections and honouring my authentic expression.

This experience has led me to founding Crescent Coaching in Vancouver, Canada. I partner with individuals seeking clarity, healing from burnout, fostering balance, and navigating life transitions. I also help freelancers and entrepreneurs find better clarity, focus, and accountability in their businesses.

Beyond coaching, I enjoy channelling my creativity into painting, making eco-conscious DIY products, and cherish cozy days with my husband and spirited cat.

Are you ready to move from coping to healing and thriving? Let’s connect. I’d love to hear your story and see if my coaching style would be a fit for you.

  • Canada
  • Holistic Coach Certified
Who I Help
  • Burnout Recovery
  • Career Changers
  • Disconnected from Authentic Self
  • Entrepreneurial Spirits
  • Looking for Support During a Life Transition
  • Millennials
  • People Feeling 'Millennials Malaise' & Hopelessness
  • People on a Spiritual Awakening Journey
  • People Who Want More Time for What's Most Important to Them
  • Purpose Seekers
  • Recovering People-Pleasers & Perfectionists
  • Stress Management
  • Trapped by Anxious & Negative Thoughts
  • Understand Your Who & Why, To Move Forward With What, How, & When
  • Women
  • Work-Life Balance