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About Anna

Experience the power of Deep Transformational Coaching combined with the Internal Family Systems Model.

- Embrace your inner world
- Let curiosity guide your transformation

Hi, I am Anna.

I am a Deep Transformational Coach specializing in the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model, dedicated to guiding individuals and teams toward achieving inner freedom and external success.

Discover the path to authentic freedom with a unique blend of deep inner exploration and actionable tools for growth.

Many times we find ourselves feeling trapped by self-doubt and the nagging sense of "never being good enough." These internal battles can undermine our life's work and happiness. I offer a solution through the IFS approach - an empowering journey that revives curiosity fosters Self-leadership, and releases insecurities, paving the way for reaching one's fullest potential.

My coaching goes beyond traditional methodologies, focusing instead on aligning your inner being with your outer actions. This harmony is the key to thriving from the inside out.

Are you struggling in a toxic work environment, facing life's unpredictable changes, launching new ventures, or simply seeking a re-connection with your true Self? My coaching provides the space and tools for profound personal and professional transformation.

For teams, I create transformational programs that unlock high performance, cultivate meaningful connections, enhance clarity of vision, improve communication, and elevate engagement. With IFS coaching, teams can redefine what they perceive as possible and excel beyond conventional boundaries.

Embark on a transformative journey with me. I encourage you to reach out for a discovery call to explore how we can access your true potential together.

I split my time between Europe and USA
and offer Global virtual sessions in
English, Spanish & Russian

  • Florida, United States
  • breathwork practitioner
  • certified deep transformational coach
  • level 2 internal family systems practitioner
Who I Help
  • achievers
  • business owners
  • entrepreneurs
  • men
  • professionals
  • seekers
  • spiritual
  • spiritual seekers
  • women