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Jennifer Graham

Let's co-create your beautiful new relationship with yourself and your body 🌹


About Jennifer

I'm Jennifer Graham and I'm a Sensual Embodiment coach. I support and guide you to enhance your body image and self-confidence by guiding you to explore your sensuality, release the shame around sex & pleasure and deeply connect to your body.

I have years of experience working within women's healthcare and I'm truly passionate about exploring topics that are deeply rooted in shame & stigma [sex, self-pleasure, menstrual cycles]. In order to break down the barriers, allow women to feel safe to communicate & begin to embrace these innate parts of us as human beings.

  • United Kingdom
  • Emotional Intelligence course
  • Holistic Health Coach
  • Holistic Life Coach
  • Hormone & Testosterone course
  • Mind Body Practitioner
  • Post Graduate Mammography
  • Radiotherapy and Oncology BSc
Who I Help
  • entrepreneurs
  • female leaders
  • females
  • healthcare professionals
  • Individuals with low self esteem
  • spiritual women
  • women
  • Women who wish to improve their body image
  • Women with low body confidence
  • yoga teachers