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Ash Johnson

Transform Your Relationship & Get the Love Your Crave Without Ever Dragging Your Spouse to Coaching


About Ash

Specializing in behavior change & relationships, our exclusive coaching program helps clients improve communication, connection, and intimacy so you can feel heard, have more fun, & LOVE on a whole new level in just 8 weeks without ever leaving home!

Research shows that life satisfaction is directly related to your relationship satisfaction.

The problem is we were never taught the skills to create positive, long-lasting relationships.

Unlike other coaches or therapists, we don’t just teach you how to act differently, we teach you how to BE different by breaking unhelpful patterns of communication & conflict by helping you solve the REAL cause of disconnection. When we correct whats actually causing the problems, the symptoms disappear. (Psssst, communication & conflict are symptoms.)

Who needs relationship coaching?

Anyone partner who is looking to:
Re-energize and re-discover love in their relationship
Break out of the same, revolving arguments and negative patterns that keep your relationship stuck
Better understand your partner and others
Set boundaries, increase self-esteem, and confidence
Improve communication to effectively solve conflict, get your partner to open up, express feelings, needs, and desires, and listen without defensiveness to deepen connection and intimacy
Get Instant Results with each coaching session!

  • Minnesota, United States
Who I Help
  • Frustrated wives
  • Newly divorced
  • Separated from spouse
  • Stay at home moms
  • Working moms