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About Sarah

I worked nearly 20 years (and counting) in the hustle and bustle of the advertising industry. But after getting hitched, and becoming the proud mother of perhaps the most curious, energetic and tenacious little boy on earth - not only did my life fundamentally change - but my core values changed too.

I knew that to live my life authentically, I needed to change the direction of my own story and work through the feeling of ‘stuck-ness’ that had been holding me back for years.

I consulted with a life coach to support me on my journey, and to find a new path forward. However, after going through the process of getting to know myself better, understanding my true drivers and aligning with my core values - I realised it was also my calling to become a coach.

The coaching journey has deeply transformed the way I see myself, my past and the world around me. By using tried-and-tested tools I’ve gained more perspective, and now live a more fulfilling and conscious life. I’m confident that if you take the first step, and allow yourself to be vulnerable, and open to a revealing process of self-discovery it will also have a profound impact on your life too.

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  • Australia
Who I Help
  • All welcome
  • Change embracers
  • Finding your mojo
  • Mums returning to the workplace
  • People seeking better habits
  • Self-limited believers
  • Stuck in a rut
  • Sufferers of low self-confidence
  • Women