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About Santana

My coaching focus is alignment. I believe my clients are whole and human and can still benefit from non-judgmental reflection from a coach they click with.

Whether you know the vision for your life and feel blocked from it or are just starting to question what a life vision could look like-- my coaching practice is dedicated in service to helping people just like you to identify their most embodied aspirations, clearing the internal and external blockers, and charting a clear path forward with aligned action.

I am a 100% online coach, offering coaching online via Zoom.

About me: After more than a decade in corporate, I discovered my true calling as a Master Certified Alignment Coach. While I held leadership positions in both the non-profit and tech sectors, it was my personal transformation journey that motivated me to align my life's purpose with my career.

My transition from corporate leadership to full-time coaching reflects my deep passion for assisting others in breaking free from their limitations. I bring together my corporate expertise, insights from personal development, and a decade of mindfulness practice to assist my clients in realizing their envisioned lives. Leveraging my strengths in systems thinking, active listening, and curiosity, I empower ambitious individuals who may feel stuck to move from a state of feeling blocked to one of equilibrium.


  • Delaware, United States
  • Master Certified Professional Coach
Who I Help
  • Women